Professionalism – the Wisdom of the Minions

Following from the release of the Minions movie, and of course not forgetting their impact via ‘Despicable me’, I must confess to having a feed from their “wisdom of the minions”. Indeed some of it is very wise. After all, how someone treats a minion says as much (read more) about them, and their professionalism, than how they treat a person of high standing.

Whilst I cannot repeat it here because some of the language is a bit naughty and of course it would be plagiarism anyway, it does remind me of some fundamental workplace truths that span the ages. Here are just 5 that spring to mind.

Punctuality – it is professional to turn up on time for a meeting, interview, training session or any form of pre-arranged human engagement. Other people may well be busy too.

Communication – if you cannot make a meeting etc… let the other person(s) know.

Minimise the silo effect – if you are working in a large organisation, check out existing resources before beginning a project. This lowers the risk of buying/hiring in resources that already exist within the organisation; or worse, duplicating an activity that is happening elsewhere within the organisation.

Respect – before engaging with someone, ask yourself “if you were the other person how would you feel about being ‘engaged with’ in this way”. After engaging with someone it is always worth reflecting on how well you handled the situation.

Drafting – if you are going to circulate a document that contains input from another person(s), it is sensible to give the other person(s) the opportunity to check it before publicising with their name on.

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