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Editing the Post-Graduate Research Magazine Frontier – by Felicity Easton (PhD researcher)

The University of Leicester boasts a diverse range of research schools and departments. The life of a post-graduate researcher is usually an inconspicuous one. Day to day working away within our department, we impress our progress on colleagues who can elicit appreciation being familiar with our research frontiers and tribulations. But what is happening elsewhere […]

Work Life Balance

So yesterday saw the end of David Cameron’s time as UK Prime Minister. A role that no doubt engrossed a large portion of his waking hours. Perhaps 16 hour days as the norm and then of course there would be working at the weekends. Allied to all of this he would have to endure a […]

It’s not me, it’s you.

So, we have all been there, on the receiving end of unreasonable behaviour from another person; be it lover, relative, friend, customer etc… When I deliver a Coping with Stress session, for PhD researchers, I focus on the fact that we always have ultimate control over our own feelings and responses to the behaviour of […]

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