It is Ok to not feel OK

At the start of the Wellbeing Webinars for PGRs and ECRs here at the University of Leicester I sometimes find myself referring to the trend for emails to begin with, or contain, reference to ‘these difficult times’ or ‘these unprecedented times’, or something similar. Whilst these words may be well intentioned it is also unfortunately […]

A Chimera?

So the lockdown is being lifted piece by piece. Different pace in different countries, even different pace in different countries within the UK. As I see yet another article by someone professing knowledge and insight into the realities of life pre, during and post lockdown I find myself torn in one of two routes. Route […]

Keeping it Simples

I am sure I have quoted Alexander Orlov, the world’s most famous Meerkat, on this blog before. Quoted his passion for things ‘simples’. Cutting out the complexity. As we adjust to a world of online working; whether we will be doing it for the short, medium or long term; it is important to bear in […]

In the Land of the Blind the One-eyed Man is King

This morning I watched a Youtube Video (hey, aren’t I down with the kids  ), about a researcher advocating the view that communications about the Covid-19 pandemic are being manipulated to force people into taking patented vaccinations, when they eventually come on stream. It was a 30 minute piece, and presented what appeared to […]

Whose Reality?

Although having a number of social media accounts, I seldom post on them. However, a few days ago I posted to express my irritation at the current tendency to refer to difficult/ unprecedented/challenging etc… times. Yes, the current situation we all find ourselves in qualifies for each of those descriptions. However, I hold the view, […]

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Like many people I see the value in the current emphasis on Wellbeing at Work. Like a smaller number of cynical people, I believe the fad will pass. When it does I, like some others, will still be advocating the Wellbeing at Work concept whilst others will have moved on to the next fad; probably […]

Better the Devil you know?

As I was recently browsing through some professional social media I noticed a reference to an advertised job role. For clarity, I was/am not interested in said role. However, when I clicked on the link provided it came up as the application deadline had passed. Fair enough, but the thing that piqued my curiosity was […]

Talking Loud and Clear

I guess it must be the time of year, but recently reading about students in Ireland doing their Leaving Certificate examinations I was reminded of the warm summer (past summers always seem warmer) when I did my Leaving Certificate exams. One of the big hits of the summer was a song by OMD called “Talking […]

My Suffering is my Badge of Honour

Last week I attended the first International Conference on the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Postgraduate Researchers. Within an hour of arriving I had learned that amongst countries of the OECD, England is in the bottom three for: • Quality of life; • Family life/support; • Economic pressure. Suffice to say that was not cheery […]

Lopping the heads off daisies; at the heart of Enterprise.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that matters. Winston Churchill. I recently found myself talking with two people with several years of successful self-employment behind them, and asking about the secret to their success. I wondered about the precarious nature of self-employment, particularly in the consultancy world […]

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