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Macron’s railway reforms: the ultimate test for French trade unionism

  In this blog Dr Heather Connolly reflects on the on-going strike action in France. Railway trade unions have begun three months of rolling strikes from April-June 2018 against reforms to their employment rights. The outcome of this dispute will be decisive for the government and its ability to make further reforms, and for the […]

The School for Business?

In this blog, Professor Martin Parker offers some personal reflections on changes in the teaching and research of management at Leicester in the fifteen years he has worked here. Does a business school have to be ‘for’ business?   When I arrived at the then Management Centre at Leicester University in 2003 it was to […]

Delivering Sexual Harassment

  In our first blog of the new year, Professor Jo Brewis explores the ways in which the gig economy is providing an insidious new means for women to be exposed to sexual harassment. When strangers know phone numbers and addresses, how safe can women be?   Like women across the world, I have experienced […]

Ex academia luxus: Or Why do we pay to access academic publications?

  In this week’s blog, School of Business doctoral student Secki Jose ( explores why universities are paying more and more to access the knowledge that their academics produce.   In recent years, academic publications have been coming under greater scrutiny due to the difficulties caused by the restrictions on access and spiralling costs. It […]

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