Slicing through Jupiter's sub-cloud atmosphere with the microwave radiometer.

The First 150 Days of Juno

  Back in July, there was much fanfare surrounding the successful arrival of the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter.  A near-perfect engine firing had placed the solar-powered spacecraft into just the right orbit, with the promise of great things to come.  Juno’s science goals are fourfold:  explore the origins, interior structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere of this […]

Podcast: Pythagoras’ Trousers

Podcast: Pythagoras’ Trousers

Juno has just passed a major milestone in its first wide orbit around the giant planet, having passed by its apojove, the furtherest distance to Jupiter (8.1 million km).  It will now fall back down the gravity well towards its next close encounter with the planet on August 27th.  That completes the first of two […]

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