Does it matter if your PhD Certificate includes the topic of your research?

Sitting in a meeting recently I learned that University of Leicester PhD certificates do not include a title or descriptor of the research topic. Just PhD Leicester. Looking at this from an employer perspective, one always wants evidence of what a candidate presents at selection. So whilst a CV may carry a descriptor of the […]

Is a product really worth what someone will pay for it?

I recently had reason to compare the work of people at opposite ends of the work-related pay scales that our society has developed.  At one extreme are those who do high level roles within organisations and at the other end are people who care for the sick, elderly, disabled and otherwise vulnerable in our society.  […]

Communication and Influence – An Essential Transferable Skill (or is it skills?).

“The meaning of communication is the response you get” – Anthony Robbins. Growing up in a rural community in Ireland, our farm would, very occasionally, be visited by sales people, selling a variety of products literally out of the back of a car. Items included household decorations, clothes and many more. As a small child […]

There’s no I in team.

I’ve got a friend…. Hang on, before you click away in disbelief, I actually have several friends, but the one I have in mind did his PhD on the correct use of debriefing after teambuilding activities. He and I share a belief that teambuilding activities can add real value in a work-place, but the catch […]

Person-Job Fit: Some Questions

So the media appears to be full of stories about Donald J Trump these days, and how he has started in his new job. I find myself thinking, suppose this was another person in a more regular role (read less high profile – which is a majority of jobs I am sure you will agree). […]

Do we really get what we pay for?

Donald Trump and Brexit have both been capturing the headlines of late. In a democratic process the USA voted for Trump as President and the UK decided to leave the European Union. However, after the respective votes there appears to be much dissent about the outcomes of the vote. In career terms we sometimes take […]

Know your audience

So often I see PGRs in consultations who are struggling to make the step from application to interview or the step from interview to job. When we explore their application or approach to interviews I find that whilst they might be very bright and articulate people, their focus is entirely on their perspective. They have […]

If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll end up somewhere else

When I was growing up in a small farming community in the west of Ireland there weren’t many options for a teenager on a Saturday night. The nearest town was five miles away, and all too often a Saturday night meant a trip to its only night club, Cleo’s. One of those fine night venues […]

So it begins…

We are now at the start of the academic term, when students at different stages of academic endeavour begin another year. We are currently welcoming new PhD researchers to the beginning of their research degree journey. Whilst the focus of every new PhD candidate will be on the research ahead, I would like to take […]

Close your eyes and pull like a dog.

Now that the Olympics and Paralympics are all done, it appears that once again the four-yearly sports fest has produced a blend of the good, the bad and the ugly. The good has been the honest endeavour of so many athletes from around the globe. The bad and the ugly are not for comment within this […]

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